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Who we are

Cancunlemond is a leading incorporation service provider that offers business registration solutions to both foreign and local individuals and corporate clients. Whether you wish to build your own new business from scratch or use Singapore as the launching pad for spreading your company’s influence in Asia and worldwide, start up with us to guarantee your values and strategies get a solid administrative foundation for a confident start!

Planting successful businesses is our inspiration! Having worked for more than 5 years in the Singapore company incorporation backstage, Concunlemond is your reliable mediator in the business registration procedure. With awareness of the latest standards, paperwork grip, and perfect communication with the authorities, we are able to orchestrate registration of any of the available legal entities with respect to your daring business ideas and deadlines.

Our incorporation team embraces lawyers, accountants, business paperwork, and migration specialists whose expertise enables us to provide comprehensive business setup services that cover all stages of the company registration procedure including appointing local executives and developing winning visa solutions for your key staff relocation.

Why choose us ?

FREE assessment and help in choosing the legal entity!

If made with professionals, the decision of suitable business entity will help you to avoid frustrations, protect your assets, save on taxes, and map out the most winning guideline for your future business.

Shift your admin tasks onto us: name check, paperwork & getting address

We will polish your business papers, find a winning and unique name for your company according to the latest standards and assist in getting a Singaporean address for a smooth and flash registration

Get comfortable visa solutions for your staff relocation

Hit strict Singapore work visa requirements with our professional migration assistance and get the right people on board of your new SG company using the most privileged Singapore work visas


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